2017 Intelligence, Information and Integrity - SBIF Workshop

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The Sports Betting Integrity Forum (SBIF) hosted our annual workshop on 28 September 2017 at the fabulous Stamford Bridge. Over the years the event has grown in popularity, and this year we were joined by almost 100 attendees from from sports governing bodies, betting sport and betting trade associations, the Crown Prosecution Service and gambling regulation.

During the day, delegates heard from a range of expert speakers who shared their perspectives on a range of topics, including the General Data Protection Regulation due to be implemented in May 2018.

The first session explored the essential elements and key challenges of the data journey, from the perspectives of the Gambling Regulator, led by SBIU’s Stephen Paine; a national Sports Governing Body from Duncan Gibson of the Greyhound Board of Great Britain; and a Betting Operator, presented by Bill South of William Hill. Emma Drake from Bird & Bird offered a broader legal perspective on the subject.

Mid-morning, delegates were offered a choice of one of three break-out sessions to attend; 

     1. Investigations by sports’ governing bodies into integrity breaches, run by the International Olympic Committee

     2. How organisations can protect themselves from the risks of misusing inside information, using set of case studies, facilitated by the British Horseracing Authority, Bet 365 and the Gambling Commission; and how

     3. Sporting Chance are working with sports professionals with gambling problems, co-hosted by the Professional Players Federation.

All the presentations from the day are available here, along with a guide to the General Data Protection Regulation produced by Bird & Bird.

 We were delighted to welcome Tracey Crouch MP who addressed delegates about the importance of sports betting integrity. The Minister’s key messages included how sport has such a positive impact and influence on society and that she is completely committed to doing all she can to help uphold sport’s integrity and promote fair play. She sees it as essential that people who enjoy sport and those who place bets, can do so with confidence that it is free from corruption.

 The Minister recognised that at a practical-level, it takes a range of partners to work collaboratively together and that everyone has a part to play. She warmly welcomed the commitment and the spirit of cooperation that the Forum has shown in establishing, delivering and sustaining Britain’s betting integrity strategy. She also stated that DCMS is working to ensure there are no unintended consequences contained in the Data Protection Bill as far as protecting the integrity of sport is concerned.

The final item on the agenda was a lively panel discussion which was run using Slido. This web based application allows delegates to anonymously pose questions throughout the day.

The main outputs of the day were as follows:


        The Gambling Commission to consider a refresh of the Misuse of Inside Information policy paper.  


         The SBIF to develop a template Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for sports and betting operators to use to help facilitate sharing of information


         The SBIF to consider ways in which to keep people informed on what we are doing in terms of preparation for GDPR.


         The SBIF to publish their planned ‘Starter Packs’ on their website. These are currently being developed for Sport and Betting Operators and aim to have in one place signposts to key guidance and support related to protecting betting integrity.







Feedback on the day has been very positive. The majority of respondents to a post event survey said they were very likely to attend future events. The format of the day scored well. Based on feedback we may consider running more targeted, interactive case study sessions at future workshops and we have some great ideas for future topics.


And the wonderful Stamford Bridge was a hit with most people…even the Tottenham Fans!


If you would like any more information or would like to contact SBIF members or any of the speakers please use the Contact Us page on the SBIF website.