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The Group of Copenhagen

The Network of National Platforms, referred to as the Group of Copenhagen, sets out the foundations for transnational cooperation, enabling the exchange of information, experiences and expertise essential to the fight against the manipulation of sports competitions, as defined by the Macolin Convention.

The Gambling Commission represents the UK on the Group of Copenhagen.

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British Horseracing Association

James Moore worked for IG Index and then spent the next decade living off his wits as a professional punter. He's now the Principle Betting Investigator for the BHA. In three parts he explains the process of keeping racing straight.

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Interpol's Match-Fixing Task Force

The INTERPOL Match-Fixing Task Force (IMFTF) brings together law enforcement agencies from around the world to tackle match-fixing and corruption in sport.

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PROtect Integrity Plus Erasmus + project

The PROtect Integrity Plus, supported by the Erasmus+ program, in cooperation with the private betting operators which build upon and developing the previous projects.

The aim of PROtect Integrity Plus project is to introduce the Red Button reporting App, initially developed by the Professional Footballers Association of Finland and FIFPro, to 3000 professional athletes from 7 EU countries.

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International Olympic Committee

The International Olympic Committee have developed a range of tools, and education initiatives to help protect the integrity of sport covering a wide range of topics.

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Rules and codes

Sports Betting Group Page

The sports betting group website is a great resource for finding out about sports rules.

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Keep Rugby on Side

Find out about World Rugby’s integrity programme on their anti-corruption website, including their betting rules and reporting processes.

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