Who does what?

Protecting Betting Integrity, Who does what in Britain’s strategy in the fight against match fixing?

Sports Betting Intelligence Unit (SBIU)

The Sports Betting Intelligence Unit (SBIU) is a unit within the Gambling Commission which deals with reports of sports betting-related corruption, including match fixing.

It is at the heart of Britain’s national platform, the intelligence hub that manages suspected cases of sports betting integrity.

SBIU receives reports and develops intelligence about potentially corrupt betting activity from a range of sources including betting operators, sports governing bodies, law enforcement, the public and the media.

The SBIU will share, where appropriate, specific intelligence or information with other partners (for example, betting operators, sports governing bodies, overseas regulators, and so on) both nationally and internationally. In some cases, this information may then be used by these bodies in their investigations; for example, a sports governing body investigating a breach of their sports rules or code. Contact the Sports Betting Intelligence Unit (opens in a new tab).

Sports Betting Integrity Forum (SBIF)

The Sports Betting Integrity Forum (SBIF) was established in 2012 to develop Britain's strategy to protect sport and sports betting from the risks of integrity issues. It is part of Britain's national platform to address the risks of match-fixing and threats to sports betting integrity.

It brings together representatives from sports governing bodies, betting operators, sport and betting trade associations, law enforcement and gambling regulation. It supports and coordinate partners' individual and collective efforts in developing and implementing Britain's strategy for protecting integrity in sport and sports betting.

If you would like to contact the Forum about issues related to betting integrity or have a question you can get in touch via the Contact Us Page.

Sports Betting Group (SBG)

The Sports Betting Group (SBG) brings together representatives from across sport to provide leadership and to share good practice to address the risks from sports betting corruption.

The group provides a source of help and support for sports governing bodies looking to put in place measures to protect the integrity of their sport. It can also raise issues with the SBIF on behalf of sports governing bodies.

Their website provides sports governing bodies and wider stakeholders in the sports betting field with a central resource containing information and good practice including betting rules, reporting contacts and educational material. You can also find the Code of Practice that highlights the seven key actions sports governing bodies should take to protect integrity.

You can contact the SBG by phone on + 44 207 976 3900 or email the Sports Betting Group (opens a new email).